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The reason all Porter Classic products are made in Japan is simple.

High level craftsmanship.

Our colleagues from the factories to the independent professionals are artisanal blessings, and the constant challenges they overcome defy quality in each of our products.

Here’s an open letter we sent to the artisans, asking them about their work ethics,their creative surroundings and their economic views that forms Porter Classic.

- PCの「ハット」を作る現場は、どのような現場ですか?

Please share with us what kind of environment, or work state, Porter Classic hat is created in.




In 1996, after studying at an atelier catering to the Imperial family and obtaining haute couture skills, I opened an atelier in Daikanyama.  The space is not big, but we have several artisans who work here and create hats by hand. This kind of environment is rare today. 

− なぜ「ハット道」に惹かれたのですか? その道の魅力を教えてください。

What attracted you to this craft? What was(is) the appeal?



I never looked good in a hat,but somehow I got on this path.  Since then I’ve been interpreting and developing my methods in order to create a hat that would actually look good on me.  I have yet to achieve this goal...

You can really get immersed into hat manufacturing because you can do it yourself. It’s handwork.  That might be the appeal of it.

- 自由に作られた「ハット」と自由に作られていない「ハット」の違いは何ですか?


Tell us the difference between a hat that’s been made freely, and a hat that’s not.


The difference between a hat made freely, without restriction and a hat that’s not, is with the former you can wear it with today’s fashion.  For example, a traditionally manufactured firm felt hat isn’t adaptable to today’s fashion.

作業しやすい格好はどのような格好ですか? 何故ですか?

What’s a comfortable work wear?





100% cotton, top and bottom.

We iron the hats on our laps so synthetic fibers that might melt are not suitable, 100% cotton is better.  You can focus more on the craft.


Do you have a routine or a set of rules in your craft?




Not really.  

I feel the way I work now is the best way, although I always think that there might be a better way.  

The only rule might be “there is no single answer.”


What expression or product by Porter Classic resonates with you?



How the Yoshidas look good in it.



"Dialogue with an Artisan" Vol. 5

May 25th (Mon) 14:00.