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The reason all Porter Classic products are made in Japan is simple.

High level craftsmanship.

Our colleagues from the factories to the independent professionals are artisanal blessings, and the constant challenges they overcome defy quality in each of our products.

Here’s an open letter we sent to the artisans, asking them about their work ethics,their creative surroundings and their economic views that forms Porter Classic.




- PCの「鞄」を作る現場は、どのような現場ですか?

Please share with us what kind of environment, or work state, Porter Classic luggage is created in.



It’s a clean well-lighted space. Organized, everything in order. We clean the factory several times a day.  Not a speck of dust on the floor.


- なぜ「鞄道」に惹かれたのですか? その道の魅力を教えてください。

What attracted you to this craft? What was(is) the appeal?



Luggage making requires years of training and discipline.  It’s a lifework.  You are always learning, practicing, pursuing.

Another appeal is when the product is made, there’s a sense of attachment, a fondness to the product.


- 上手に作られた「鞄」と上手に作られていない「鞄」の違いは何ですか?


Tell us the difference between a “good” luggage and a “bad” luggage.

(Feel free to change “good” to “skilled” “unrestricted” “genuine” etc.)



A luggage made from a poor pattern with poor skills is easy to tell.  It’s not just the outside of the luggage.

You look inside a well-made luggage and you’ll see how it’s thoroughly made. If it was given the care it deserves.


作業しやすい格好はどのような格好ですか? 何故ですか?

What’s a comfortable work wear?



We don’t really have a uniform, but since we use sewing machines, scissors, and edged tools, shoes are required.

As a precaution we avoid revealing clothes like shorts or tank tops to prevent injuries.




Do you have a routine or a set of rules in your craft?



Uncompromised pattern-making, high level skill, and fine appearance of the product.


- PCの「鞄」は高いですか?

Is a Porter Classic luggage expensive?



The manufacturing is done by experienced Japanese artisans and our inspection department is very strict in terms of quality control.  I don’t think it’s expensive at all.



What expression or product by Porter Classic resonates with you?


全ての商品が好きですが、強いて言えばSUPER NYLON (スーパーナイロンPC KENDOPC ケンドウ) 、革の衣料、NEWTON BAG (ニュートンバッグ)

I like all the products but if I had to choose, my picks are the SUPER NYLON series, the PC KENDO series, Leather apparel, and the NEWTON BAG series.



"Dialogue with an Artisan" Vol. 2

May 16th (Sat) 14:00.