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The reason all Porter Classic products are made in Japan is simple.

High level craftsmanship.

Our colleagues from the factories to the independent professionals are artisanal blessings, and the constant challenges they overcome defy quality in each of our products.

Heres an open letter we sent to the artisans, asking them about their work ethics, their creative surroundings and their economic views that forms Porter Classic.





- PCの「絵」を作る現場は、どのような現場ですか?

Please share with us what kind of environment, or work state, a Porter Classic picture is created in.




I can’t concentrate in a quiet space so there’s always music or TV running in the background.  On the walls are my favorite photographs and letters.


- なぜ「絵道」に惹かれたのですか? その道の魅力を教えてください。

What attracted you to this craft? What was(is) the appeal?



Since I was a child it was gratifying to see my family and friends enjoy the pictures I drew, I found pleasure in drawing.  To this date, there’s nothing more satisfying than when people take delight from my work.


- 上手に作られた「絵」と上手に作られていない「絵」の違いは何ですか?


Tell us the difference between a “good” picture and a “bad” picture.

(Feel free to change “good” to “skilled” “unrestricted” “genuine” etc.)



No matter how much skill you have if your heart’s not in it, then the picture won’t move people.  It’s important to think and feel what’s important to you and then start drawing.


- 作業しやすい格好はどのような格好ですか? 何故ですか?

What’s a comfortable work wear?



Something flexible and not tight.


- 「絵づくり」において、ルーティーンやルールなどありますか?

Do you have a routine or a set of rules in your craft?




When things don’t go smoothly, I step away from my desk and try to relax.

I also accumulate anything that might be interesting for future use.


- PCの「絵」は高いですか?

Is Porter Classic picture expensive?



From a simple sketch, that becomes a picture, then turns into the actual product… Passed along from one artisan to another, with their passion, their skills, their effort added along the way? No I don’t think it’s expensive.



- ご自身が好きなPCの表現(商品など)は何ですか?

What expression or product by Porter Classic resonates with you?



I love their deep and beautiful blue!



"Dialogue with an Artisan" Vol. 11

June 15th (Mon) 16:00.